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Please direct correspondence exam Fabrizio Di Muro. Fabrizio Di Muro, Theodore J. Noseworthy, Money Isn’t Everything, but It Helps If It Doesn’t Look Used: How the Physical Appearance of Money Influences Spending, Journal of Consumer Research, Volume 39, Issue 6, 1 April 2013, Pages 1330–1342, espite facts that foreign money denomination can have an impact on spending, researchers haven’t begun examination check whether the actual look of money can do the same. This is essential as a result of smaller denomination bills tend exam suffer larger wear than greater denomination bills. Using real money within the context of real purchases, this article demonstrates that the physical look of cash can override the affect of denomination. The reason being, americans want examination rid themselves of worn bills as a result of they are disgusted by the infection from others, while people put exam help top class on crisp forex as a result of they show pride in possessing bills that will also be spent around others.